For the Classroom

Now I’ve had a few sewing requests in my time but I’ve never been asked to do a project like this one!

A certain super teacher has asked me if I would make some alphabet and number bunting for her primary classroom. I instantly imagined bright colours and jolly prints but no! The teacher wanted something much more natural looking and in the end we agreed on calico for the bunting with the letters in a sage green.

So I’ve been busy making up little flags and fusing letters and numbers to them (the font had to be a specific one which is recommended for primary school use)



It’s been time consuming but straight forward and after some of the more complicated tasks I’ve been doing I have to admit to enjoying this project.

It’s all finished now and has been delivered, hopefully I shall be sent a photo of it up in the classroom, if I do I shall let you see it 🙂


If you’re quick there’s still a little bit of time left to enter a super give away over at Pretty Fabric and Trims blog to win some beautiful goodies

Until next time,

Chris x


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