Forgotten reindeer

There’s an advert going the rounds on TV at the moment about poor forgotten jars of Marmite left to fend for themselves at the back of cupboards (see the link here) Some might say it’s in poor taste, and I apologise if you are one of those people, but I admit to finding it quite funny. It reminded me of me and my pile of WIPs.

I keep all my started projects in a basket (OK, OK two baskets 😉 ) in my Sewing room and this week I unearthed a rather squashed and very neglected project from last Christmas.


Oh dear (or even Oh reindeer – sorry!)

I made a couple of these cute reindeer for my niece and her hubby last year


and liked them so much I started on a couple for our home. But, of course they got put to one side and eventually got lost and forgotten in the befuddlement that is life 🙂

So watch this space – I PROMISE to complete these cuties before Christmas – please hold me to account, I don’t want to be accused of Reindeer neglect!

Until next time,

Chris x


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