Cwiltio Cymreig

Or Welsh quilting.

Back in September my daughter and I went to a ‘design your own welsh quilt’ workshop run by Sandie Lush (read about it here) and I promised my daughter that I’d quilt her design up for her for Christmas.

Well Christmas is coming so I thought I’d better make a start so I’ve spent a happy couple of hours getting the fabric ready for quilting.


All marked up, layered up and ready to go šŸ™‚


Now I’m not a natural hand quilter, I can’t do that super quick rocking stitch very well and tend to use a mixture of ordinary hand stitching and rocking, but I shall give it a go and hope that I can do my daughter’s lovely design justice.

This is a glimpse of what I’ve done so far (close your eyes daughter!)


Gwnio hapus (happy sewing)

Until next time,

Chris x

(Disclaimer – if I’m getting the Welsh wrong please blame Google Translate!)


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