Linen Love

Remember the tiny (teeny) autumn trees I made for my ATC Swap? (See here if you can’t!) Well I hadn’t quite got them out of my system so I made a few more.However, I hasten to add, I did make them a wee bit bigger to save my sanity!

I didn’t have a particular project in mind but Kimmy from Making Mondays had suggested I make a table runner with some of my lovely linen and putting the two thoughts together I came up with a design for an Autumnal Table Runner.

So far I’ve quilted the top of the runner to some Insulbrite – I think if I ever make this again I shall use wiggly lines – I thought I was doing straight lines but after finishing they look a bit ‘informal’ (although I do prefer it a bit rustic 😉 )


I’m using some of the half inch hexies to make a diamond in the centre.


Today’s job is to sew these and a hexie tree on to either end of the runner 🙂

I love a bit of hand sewing, what are you sewing at the moment?

Until next time,

Chris x


2 thoughts on “Linen Love

  1. Looks like a very interesting project. I look forward to seeing the finished result. I’m working on some whimsical applique at the moment. Have a super hand sewing session. It’s the perfect weekend for it here in the UK.

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