Caravan Holiday

Do you remember when I made my daughter this pencil case?


I really liked its shape and decided to make myself one too.


as I was looking at it again I had the thought that it looked a bit like a caravan and wouldn’t it be fun to make a caravan pencil case to remind me of my lovely caravan holiday in France this summer.

And so started a fun few hours cutting and stitching and creating to come up with this…


What do you think?

I used my linen (still in love with the stuff 🙂 ) and some gorgeous flowery fabric from my abandoned Lucy Boston wall hanging.

Then embroidered a window, door and bunting onto it




decorated the back a bit…



added a bit of ribbon to the zip


neatened up the seams inside



Until next time,

Chris x

This caravan case has been a bit of a hit on Pinterest 🙂 If you’re visiting from there welcome. I am intending to write a pattern for this so keep checking back and if I leave it too long feel free to give me a gentle reminder!

November 2014 update: The promised pattern has now been written and can be found on my Tutorials page, please enjoy it and send me a photo of your creations 🙂


12 thoughts on “Caravan Holiday

  1. I just found this on Pinterest and it is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen! I think I may have to make my own version. Thanks so much for the inspiriation! 😀

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