Sleeping Bears Quilt

Yippee, I’ve finished! I got a lovely sense of achievement when I stitched the last stitch, a warm and fuzzy moment 😉

So without further ado, here it is…


I’ve never used jumbo ric-rac  before but the quilt was crying out for a little extra something and I think the ric-rac hits the spot, what do you think? Unfortunately it also meant that I had to cover up some of the embroidered details on the bears’ paws but never mind.

I almost had a disaster when I realised I didn’t have enough blue fabric to do the binding all the way round the quilt but I improvised by putting the blue binding around the bears’ pillow and bound the rest in the ‘pillow’ fabric. You can see where I changed colours in this photo…


In case you’re wondering I used the little teddy bears on the fabric to design the sleeping bears on the quilt.


I wiggled my quilty way over the quilt part and just did straight lines over the pillow part. To be fair the quilting is pretty basic but I am getting better the more I do it!



This quilt is possibly destined for a brand new family member who hasn’t yet been born. I say possibly because of course the baby could be a girl! But have no fear as I have already got plans to make another baby quilt but in lovely soft girly colours 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x


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