While I was looking through my old blog posts trying to find a particular article I came across this post.

Well, and I’ll say that again WELL! I simply couldn’t believe it! It was over 5, that’s FIVE, months since I started making myself a new bed quilt.

Why, I hear you ask, couldn’t you believe it?

I’ll tell you.

Because usually when faced with a brand new project I have a bit of a crush on it, you know what I mean (I hope I’m not the only one), you work on it every spare second you have and also in the seconds that aren’t really spare as well!

But that hasn’t happened this time, I cut it all out, and made the blocks, and then stopped. Completely. Totally. Stopped. It got packed neatly away in a basket and put to one side.

Really strange, not like me at all.

Until earlier this week that is, when I unearthed it and started again. It took a little while to want to work on it – it just doesn’t have the feel of a brand new project any more but once I’d done a bit of stitching I could feel the enthusiasm starting again.


The blocks became strips


and the strips became part of a top.


Just got borders to add and then it’ll be ready for layering up and quilting.

AND THEN I shall have a brand new cosy quilt ready for winter (but don’t hold your breath!)

Until next time,

Chris x

7 thoughts on “Yikes!

  1. Well done on finishing the quilt top it’s fab! I know exactly what it’s like when you just can’t get into a project. I hate that, it puts me off doing anything else too 😦

  2. I think that is such a lovely quilt – I love the pastel colours and the pattern is great. Just the thing to keep the chill out now that autumn is on the way – I refuse to believe it’s here already even if it is September!

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