A Funny Thing Happened…

Actually it was a very bizarre thing that happened! My hubby treated me to a meal out this week and we went to one of our favourite pubs for a lovely lunch.

We arrived at opening time and the place was deserted, no one around, at all.

We asked to be seated and were met with a surly, ‘Have you booked?’

‘No,’ says we, ‘Should we have?’

‘It’s always advisable, I’ll see if I can fit you in,’ the waiter then spent quite some time consulting his diary while we surveyed the totally empty dining area wondering if they had a gigantic party due in.

He eventually escorted us to a table in the darkest part of the restaurant so I politely asked if we could sit next to a window and was met with a sharp intake of breath and a ‘I’ll have to check the diary again’ before allowing us to sit where we wanted!

We then spent the rest of the meal waiting for the hoard of people (who had presumably pre-booked 🙂 ) to arrive, but no, when we left there were about 10 other diners in a room able to accommodate 60 ish!

I told you. Bizarre!

Now the question is – should I have been offended? What do you think?

On a more normal note, here’s what’s happening in my garden today,



Beautiful 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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