Top Secret

Christmas is just around the corner! Well it is if you make your own gifts 🙂  

I’ve been enjoying looking at all the Christmas makes from the recent blog hop over at Sew we QuiltIn fact it spurred me on to get started on a few gifts I’d already decided to make. And I’ve been busy stitching away at them – they’re not finished yet but soon I shall have some gifts to put away ready for the season.

However, because the eventual recipients of the gifts do occasionally read my blog I can’t reveal the items which is a great shame as it’s one of my original designs and I’m as pleased as punch with the way they are turning out.

Here’s a tiny peep of it, and if it’s any consolation I’ve taken a few progress photos which, if I remember, I’ll post after Christmas!


Now onto something I can show you…

(sorry about the colour, the photo came out too bright, in real life it’s a bit more subtle!)

This little wall hanging is part of a series of hangings I’m making to decorate my sewing/dining room. Over the months I’ve been inspired by the way bloggers from around the world keep their homes looking fresh by changing their home decorations to match the seasons.

I’ve seen rooms transformed by simply changing a quilt throw on a settee, putting up a new wall hanging, arranging different pillows on chairs, even to putting out a new table runner on a table or sideboard.

I’ve only ever done this kind of decorating at Christmas and to a lesser extent at Easter and thought it was such a good idea.

So I challenged myself to produce a little hanging each season and this is my summer one. It’s my own design, the little baskets are foundation pieced and decorated with pretty yoyo flowers.





The beads inside the flowers are from an old necklace belonging to my Gran, I’d kept them safe in a little tin for years wondering what to do with them and now my hoarding has reaped its reward!


This is my small start but in time I hope to have a stash of ‘temporary’ decorations for each season which I can use to zuzz up the whole home 🙂


What do you use to decorate your home?

Until next time,

Chris x


3 thoughts on “Top Secret

  1. what a gorgeous hanging, love the yoyo flowers. I don’t understand how people have time decorate their houses each month/season, I’ve never actually finished doing the basic decorating in mine!

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