Flying the Nest part 2

Daughter and I have been busy, busy, busy bringing the old, neglected wardrobe back to life. I could almost hear it sighing with relief that finally it was going to escape its cobwebby corner in the garage and be loved again!

I was chatting to hubby earlier and we worked out that the wardrobe was a part of a set of bedroom furniture his parents bought or were given for their first home. So it is indeed old and although not at all valuable it does have a bit of sentiment attached to it.

The process of reviving it wasn’t without its problems though.

Daughter sanded and primed and we both painted and painted again and then painted again BUT a horrible brown stain kept seeping through the paint on the doors – not very attractive.

After much pondering we finally solved the problem by spraying the doors with a special sealant and then repainted – much better.

New funky crochet covered handles were attached and tassels added for extra artiness. What do you think?



These handles were spare ceramic ones from my kitchen units – no cost spared 😉 Surprisingly they were harder to cover that the wooden handles – any ideas why?!

The shelves have been lined with the spare gorgeous wall paper from my bedroom make over.


And finally Daughter has a wardrobe for her new home which hasn’t cost her a penny 🙂


Now I wonder what the next furniture project will be 😉

I’m feeling a warm glow of satisfaction now, I love this sort of project. Thinking back I can remember doing my first furniture makeover when I was about 16.  I did up an old chair my Gran gave me under the guidance of my Dad who is a talented woodworker and fixer of all things 🙂

Do any of you like this sort of thing? What have you ‘done up’’?

Until next time,

Chris x

6 thoughts on “Flying the Nest part 2

  1. prettyforeverxoxo

    wow i love this! the wallpaper on the shelves adds such a nice touch. this is definately going to be inspiration for when its my time to fly! 🙂

  2. it’s fabulous! you’ve done a great job bringing it back to life. I don’t have the patience for this type of thing, alas as our house is mainly furnished with hand-me-downs that could do with a new lease of life.

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