Flying the Nest

As you know my lovely daughter graduated this year (read all about it here!) and on the back of that happy event comes the bittersweet one of her setting up her own home. This will happen at the end of the month and we are busy trying to find everything she needs for her to take with her.

Some kind people have given her a couple of pieces of furniture they don’t need anymore and my daughter has been busy sanding them down and painting them up so they fit with her decorating scheme (assisted by her Mum, of course!)


This unit was donated by a friend and was one of those orangey pine units which were so popular in the 80s. Daughter set to work and sanded it, painted it with primer and painted it with some eggshell off white paint to turn it into this…


The original handles were little pine knobs which were going to be replaced with ceramic ones. We needed 14 handles and when we found out how much it would cost we had to do a rethink!

This is the solution – little crochet covers for each of the pine handles! So cute!


The pattern is here although we did adapt it rather a lot. We used the left over cotton from my little crocheted giraffe – hmm wonder if this is a plan to get him to move house too?!



The effect is quirky and artistic – just like my daughter 😉


Slightly distressed for added shabby chic.

Now the next project, which is as yet unfinished, makes me smile. A lot.

This is a wardrobe which has been sitting in our garage for years, and I do mean years. It used to belong to my in laws who gave it to my hubby when he set up home and along the way it got demoted to storage in our garage.



The poor wardrobe was very much worse for wear but my daughter has always liked it and when you see the little details you’ll understand why…

Inside the wardrobe is this lovely drawer all labelled up with what to keep in it 🙂
I suppose this was a gentleman’s wardrobe and this little ledge was for his collar studs.



A handy mirror showing off my overgrown garden!

This is still in the process of being brought back to life – more photos when we’ve done it 🙂

The two pieces are for my daughter’s new bedroom, only a bed to get now – anyone got a bed they don’t want!

Until next time,

Chris x

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