I’m Back!

After a bit of travelling around I’m back feeling rested and happy πŸ™‚

We went to Cornwall where my very talented hubby was acting in a play at the prestigious Minack open air theatre.


The theatre is hewn out of the cliff face and is a stunning setting for any play and although I’d seen pictures of it via its website I was blown away by the beauty of the place in real life.

This is the first view you get of the stage – and yes it really is that steep!


As part of the Company I got to see all the backstage facilities as well as the tourist parts which was really interesting – the changing rooms are literally clinging onto the cliff face and the paths the actors have to take to get from them to the stage are right on the edge of the cliff (with a safety barrier of course).

This is a view from the actors’ path, you can just see the changing rooms on the left of the photo.
another view from the path the actors take to and from the stage.

On the evening I went to see the play as a paying guest it was drizzling with rain but as the theatre has a reputation of not cancelling a performance unless the weather is severe I dressed accordingly and was prepared to get wet. However the rain got so bad that the performance was eventually cancelled and I didn’t get to see the play from the ‘comfort’ of the seats (you definitely have to go prepared with cushions, blankets etc.!) However during the weekΒ I was involved in selling programmes to the theatre goers and got to see the play then – and very good it was too πŸ™‚


Well done to all the people involved in the production – it was brilliant πŸ™‚

We then nipped over to France to a little Breton campsite we love and spent some lovely lazy days swimming and resting before heading home again.

After spending quite some time preparing sewing projects to take with me so I wouldn’t get itchy fingers I seem to have come home with not much done! I did start well by preparing all my English paper pieced hexagons whilst travelling down to Cornwall and did feel quietly smug with myself. But when I started putting them together them were awful – the block wouldn’t lie flat.


I tried to fudge it but still couldn’t get it to work 😦


In the end I gave up and after strop and denial had worked its way through my system, I unpicked everything and started from scratch.

Even though I thought I’d done every step carefully I guess I hadn’t because the paper templates I’d made were too out to make the blocks up accurately.

Anyway – lesson learnt – be EXTRA careful when making templates. I’m now slowly making the blocks up and not feeling smug at all!

Thank you to those of you have shown an interest in my little rabbits – they were made using the instructions from thisΒ link. I left off the buttons as I’d made them too big to carry bobbins (look at the link and it’ll all make sense πŸ˜‰ ) If anyone does make any I’d love to see them.

Until next time,

Chris x

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