Samphire Quilters

Last weekend I went on my annual visit to Kings Lynn to see The Samphire Quilters’ annual exhibition.

The exhibition is held in an old church and the quilts are either on hangers or are draped over the pews. It’s a lovely friendly atmosphere and always makes me wish I lived close enough to join their quilting group 🙂

As usual there were a large selection of quilts on display, together with a couple of trade and fund raising stalls. There was even a brilliant demo of how to do double prairie points for edging  quilts – more on that in another post.

There were three four quilts which I just loved, so I hope you’ll indulge me by looking at my photos 😉

This was a needle turned appliqué  quilt done in jazzy colours – the workmanship was brilliant on this. I loved the block designs.

by Sue Moffatt
Hearts and Flowers collage
Four of my favourite blocks – love those buzzy bees!

This next quilt wasn’t even finished but it had won first prize! It has inspired me to at least have a go at this technique.

by Sandra Buckley

The quilter has appliquéd flower shapes and leaves onto a white background using free  motion embroidery, she has used a black thread so it takes on the quality of a sketch – so beautiful.


I have seen this technique used for smaller items but not for a quilt. Got to have a go at it!

This next little piece is a miniature quilt and I thought it was really pretty, it was foundation pieced and hand quilted with the tiniest stitches imaginable.

daffodil collage

and finally this quilt is made up of framed hexagons and squares and I just thought it was unusual and clever – the little squares had been sewn in ‘upside down’ to create the pattern – yet another one to add to my ‘to do’  list 🙂 especially as this is essentially a ‘quilt as you go’ method – sometimes it’s good to know you haven’t got the layering up process to go through at the end of the fun bit!

Apologies to the quilter who made this, I didn’t photograph the number on this one so couldn’t match it up to the programme. If you let me know I’ll gladly amend this post.

Isn’t it lovely when you can be inspired to try new techniques and designs? What’s inspired you lately?

Until next time,

Chris x


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