Breathing New Life into Old Things

Some time ago my lovely Mum had a bit of a clear out and gave me some crafty bits and pieces I’d made many years ago.

There were these…


and this…


and another little embroidery of a bird (I must have had a thing about birds at the time 😉 ).

Well I really didn’t want these ending up in another drawer so I pondered about what to do with them. I can’t say I’ve been particularly innovative but this is what I decided to do.

The little cross stitch birds aren’t my cup of tea anymore. I’m not a bright colours person but I thought they’d be great as lavender bags – useful but tucked away out of sight! (Yes OK – in a drawer!). I found some bright fabrics to use as backings…


and made these…


they’re not lavender bags yet because I only cut the lavender last week and it’s drying in the greenhouse – but soon 🙂

The little bird embroidery had a horrible stain on it which I tried to wash out but, although it faded a bit, wouldn’t disappear. I cut away as much of it as possible and stitched a border on it to make a little mat.



so that’s two rescues 🙂

Which takes me to the crochet dove. I can remember working out this pattern and carefully crocheting it. I was so proud of it! I framed it and it was on display in my childhood bedroom for a long time.

So this is special and I’m turning it into a wall hanging – seemed fitting some how 🙂

I’ve stitched it onto a lovely dotty fabric, it was a bit of a job teasing it out so it was as straight edged as possible, and now I shall edge the edges (!) with ribbon.


Watch this space!

Until next time,

Chris x

7 thoughts on “Breathing New Life into Old Things

  1. I have a few little cross stitch things that I made 20 years ago. They aren’t my thing but I don’t want to get rid of them. I love your idea of lavender bags. I really love your blue bird with the fabric binding. Too cute.:)

  2. Funny how our tastes change over time. I know my taste in fabrics is nothing like it was when I first began quilting … I love your wee framed bluebird, perhaps because he is mono colour gives him a timeless appeal? And polka dots are always a winner! Natalie x

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