Inspired by Una Stubbs

Do you have favourite books? Books that you read again and again and never tire of? I have a little collection of these special books, they cover a variety of topics, some are stories and some are factual but they all have a place on my bookcase.

Two of these ‘specials’ are by actress Una Stubbs,  they are written in a lovely chatty style and talk about her love of sewing, in particular embroidery, and her musings about life and living.


I’m mentioning these books because yesterday I was sorting out some beautiful old linen and cotton table toppers which I inherited from my Grandmother and from my husband’s Mother.


They are all edged with crochet,  one is hand embroidered and I think it’s fair to say that they have all definitely seen better days.

In her book Una says that she thinks that a little darn or mend in textiles can enhance an items appearance,

Una Stubbs quote

So I thought I’d have a go. One of the mats was easy to fix – it just needed the crochet lace re-stitching on, but the other two had holes in


If I was really clever I’d be able to incorporate the mend into the design of the original embroidery but as a fairly novice embroiderer I just did my best…



Little embroidered flowers served to darn the holes in the first mat.


This one had a little tear in it as well as holes. I patched the holes and turned the patches into flowers. The tear was transformed into a dragonfly!


Long live frugal sewing! And thanks Una for the idea 🙂

In honour of Wimbledon I am going to be making strawberries today


Until next time,

Chris x


6 thoughts on “Inspired by Una Stubbs

  1. OOh another of your posts – Una Stubbs pic caught my eye this time. I have a couple of sewing book gems – one of which is an old ‘household’ guide which includes all sorts of mending tips. I am afraid I haven’t been tempted to mend much. I tend to have a little pile of ‘things to be mended’ constantly and never seem to get round to it! Going back to Una Stubbs – I almost bumped into her once – and felt really embarrassed that I didn’t recognize her at first! It was about 20 years ago. One day I was walking along a London street on the way to a course for my job. A lady was walking towards me, pushing her bike, and I thought I knew her but couldn’t recall where from. As we got level I smiled and said ‘good morning’, she politely smiled back and said the same. As I walked further I realized it was Ms Stubbs!

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