Hearts Galore

Goodness me but the last few days have been busy. Nothing in particular – just life. 🙂

I was able to get my sewing out last night at my regular meeting of ‘Ladies Wot Sew’ group, and I worked on my heart project. We all sat around my dining table and worked on our projects whilst enjoying a chat. One friend was quilting a beautiful quilt she’s making for one of her grand daughters, another friend was mastering crochet and the other two of us were working on our UFOs. I really must take some photos of my friends’ projects for you to see 🙂

Today I finished off my project and here it is…


A little table mat made up of hearts or…


a flower!

Of course, as you may be discovering by now, I rarely make just one of something so here’s another,


and the back…


Actually, to let you into a little secret, I only made the second one because I made a mistake! The centre of the second mat was going to be the centre of the first but when I laid it out the red hearts just didn’t look great on it so rather than waste it I made another – confession over 😉

SAM_2787 SAM_2788

Have a lovely week end,

Until next time,

Chris x


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