The Silk Project Revealed

After spending the majority of last week being a very busy bee working away at my so called ‘silk project’ I can now reveal what all the fuss was about!

One of my friends is being ordained at the end of June and had asked me to make her two silk stoles (those scarf things vicars wear!)

Now you’d think they would be straight forward to make and, indeed, once you know the mysteries of stole making they are – but I didn’t know those mysteries and no one else I knew seemed to know them either!

Anyway, through lots of research, trial and error and perseverance I have finally finished. What do you think?


Purple Stole


– this one is a plain silk stole with a cross motif sewn onto it. The cross is my own design which I drew up after chatting to my friend about what she wanted.


The rough hessian represents the humble life of Jesus on Earth, the red – his blood shed for us on the cross and there are threads of gold running through the hessian which hint at the sovereignty of Christ.

The red stole is the machine embroidered design I was agonising over, and after all the practice I did it went together really well (I love it when that happens πŸ˜‰ )



The background lines are made up of five different colours from fuschia pink at the bottom to vivid yellow at the top


I machine embroidered leaves and dandelion clocks over the background – very scary as I knew I’d have to start all over again if I made a mess of it!


This one is worn at Pentecost and represents the wind which announced God’s Holy Spirit arriving on Earth.

I couldn’t resist putting a sweet little label in them πŸ™‚



Now after all that effort and stress I have to admit to feeling a bit ‘all sewn out’ so I shall focus on my garden for a while until that ‘sewing feeling’ comes back, I don’t suppose it’ll take long πŸ˜‰

Until next time,

Chris x


4 thoughts on “The Silk Project Revealed

  1. Chris, I think these are absolutely stunning! I love the way they are quite traditional but with a modern twist, and the machine embroidery is amazing. I also like the way you have explained the symbolism. I am pondering some ideas for embroidery symbolising aspects of the Christian life too, but it’s at a very early stage, so you have inspired me to carry on thinking about it.

  2. Lynda

    From the friend who is being ordained – these are absolutely beautiful! They are everything I wanted them to be and so much more. Love the personal motif on the back! Thank you sooooooop much!!,

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