Bucket Bags

The weather here has been lovely and I’ve been spending time taming the garden. There once was a time when given the choice I’d always choose gardening over sewing – any day. But nowadays sewing is generally the winner, except this week, that is, when the garden called and I listened 🙂 .

I have still done a bit of sewing, and my ‘Ladies Wot Sew’ group saw me finishing another batch of Babushka bookmarks – just like the ones I made here.

I’ve also been preparing myself for my ‘silk’ project by doing some free motion embroidery practise. I started by practising on scraps of fabric, then on some spare silk and then on a mini project – a bucket bag.


The fabric, as usual for these impromptu projects, is stuff I had in my stash. I was trying for a light airy feel to the embroidery – not too polished and perfect (not much chance of that at the moment 😉 ).


I added a bit of hand stitching and a little label to finish it off.


…and it’s already got a purpose – to hold my crochet work.

While I’m pleased with the embroidery – it has improved in leaps and bounds from when I first started practising – if anyone has any tips I’d love you to share them. Especially with machine embroidery on dupion silk.

In the meanwhile, my little ATC is waiting patiently to be posted on Monday,


Until next time,

Chris x


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