Out Backs and Out Arms

I always thought the out back referred to somewhere in Australia, but no, it’s an upholstery term for the bit of fabric which goes on the back of the back of the chair – that just appeals to my quirky sense of humour – guess where the out arm is? There’s even an out bottom which really makes me giggle 😉

The fact that I’m now tackling the out back and out arms on my chair means that I’m on the final stages of the renovation (insert an excited squeal here!) .

Do you remember the little parcel I made up to put inside the chair (see the post here)– it contains a note to anyone who renovates the chair after me, samples of the fabrics I found on the chair and a Thruppenny Bit which must have got itself trapped down the side of the arm. Well yesterday I wedged it carefully inside the iron frame of the chair back.


Then I covered it up with two layers of wadding


And finally with the fabric,



all had to be carefully pinned into placeSAM_2598



My homework is to get cracking with sewing the out back and out arms on using ladder stitch.

Two sessions to go – I think I’m going to make it


Until next time,

Chris x

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