Happy Dance

It’s done, it’s finished! No not the chair – the clothes horse 🙂

The dusty, dirty, broken clothes horse found lurking at the back of the shed has had its makeover. Gone is the flaky green paint (I quite liked the effect of it being half sanded off, shabby chic style, but the paint covered everything it touched) replaced with bright white paint which won’t stain anything you put on it.

I bought some strong (but not very pretty) webbing for the fabric hinges and covered it in very pretty fabric that wasn’t in my stash 😉


Thank goodness I’d taken a photo of the old hinge so I could work out how it was put together, although I dare say the old internet would have helped if I hadn’t 🙂  Where would we be without it?

I was going to use tacks to attach the webbing to the frame until I remembered the lovely brass studs I’d been hammering into my chair – a much nicer alternative even though it means I haven’t got enough studs to finish my chair now!


And finally a tadah moment!



Of course the real reason I wanted to renovate this was to be able to put it to good use displaying my quilts 😉

Which, when they aren’t on a bed, tend to get folded up and put into a suitcase and forgotten about, but now…

SAM_2549 SAM_2551

So what do you think? What do you use to display your quilts?

Have a lovely week end.

Until next time,

Chris x


5 thoughts on “Happy Dance

  1. daisybellecrafts

    The clothes horse came out a treat.
    Sadly I don’t have any quilts, maybe I should get me a book on how to make them because they are lovely heirloom items.

    Have a nice weekend too 🙂

  2. Perfect! You’ve got me thinking, what do I do with my quilts? I seem to make lots but I don’t have piles of them. Most are throws, strewn across the back of sofas ready to be used and I’d love to use some in the garden this summer. I’d better have a rummage!

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