All the Way from Norway

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent a couple of frustrating sessions struggling to get my chair arm sorted out (see this post here for an explanation of that statement!) In the end I decided to give it a rest and try again later.

That’s what my aim is for today. I shall take my time and think through the problem and I SHALL get it done!

Just look what arrived in the post on Saturday…

Tilda fabric :)
Tilda fabric 🙂


My lovely daughter has been on a trip to Norway and she sent us all pressies back. She knows me so well 🙂 . There were sweeties in the parcel too but they didn’t last long, we munched on them straight away.

But what to do with the lovely fabric?

Of course my first instinct is to make a Tilda creature with the Tilda fabric, but which one?

I’m also very tempted to have a go at designing my own Tilda inspired creature – what do you think? It was, after all, one of my New Year resolutions as can be seen clearly in black and white here.

But what creature could I have a go at making – any ideas?

Until next time,

Chris x

6 thoughts on “All the Way from Norway

  1. daisybellecrafts

    That would be a lovely piece of fabric to do one of the Tilda birds with, maybe the large duck with duckling?

      1. daisybellecrafts

        Yes, it’s the goose- not a duck 🙂

        (Blushing here, sorry sometimes a word or two get lost in translation with me.)

      2. daisybellecrafts

        Good morning ukcitycrafter,

        no..nothing new really, just variations (I have all the books).

        That is such a lovely piece of fabric, maybe you could design a pattern for it? Still Tilda but with your own twist on it?

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