Horsing around

Today I’ve been lured outside by the sun shining 🙂

I have had a trip to a lovely garden centre and bought some tomato plants ready to plant up when the frosts have passed. I have also potted up some cuttings which I took last autumn. (I might have also popped very briefly into a craft shop too – but only because a friend dragged me in 😉 )

And I have worked on a little renovation project too.


Does anyone remember these clothes horses? I have fond memories of draping my Mum’s clothes horse in a sheet and making it into a tent and sitting in it imagining myself in all sorts of adventures!

Well, this one was in a pretty poor state, as you can see, and was destined for the tip so I thought I’d try to rescue it.


I’d already sanded it down which had left me as green as the clothes horse, and I’d removed the webbing (which was pretty much rotten)  and had had to enlist in some muscular help to remove the tacks which were giving me a few problems to say the least.

Today I have painted it white and am leaving it to dry before putting it altogether again.


Just got to buy some webbing and tacks ready for the next stage 🙂

Look at my camillia – flowering for the first time ever 😀

camillia collage

Until next time,

Chris x


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