Tea and Biscornu Anyone?

A week or so ago I was gripped by Blackwork fever and made two little square embroideries…


Did you wonder what I was going to do with them?

I discovered biscornu pincushions during a trawl on the web and decided to make one. Biscornu is a French word meaning crooked or weird and it certainly describes the shape of these little pincushions.


They look a lot more complicated to make than they actually are and once the embroidery was done it was pretty simple to put together.

Of course you can’t just stop at one can you – or not in this house anyway 😉

biscornu collage

I found the little bee button in my stash, but only one so the other side of the biscornu has a round silver button.

The patterns were from the talented CJ of Imaginesque. The ones I used were from the blackwork section of her blog. Thanks CJ 🙂

For my next biscornu I’ve designed my own Blackwork pattern.


But for now these two will go into my little (but fast growing) collection of pincushions.


Until next time,

Chris x


5 thoughts on “Tea and Biscornu Anyone?

  1. they are just lovely! I’ve never made a biscornu, but I’m not sure why! Imaginisce is a fab site, she’s so generous with her free patterns.

  2. These little biscornu are absolutely lovely! I also love using blackwork patterns to make biscornu – they are just the right size to show it off beautifully. Thank you for sharing your designs with us. 🙂

    1. I’d often admired them thinking how quirky they look, so it was great to discover that they are pretty straightforward to make in fact…I may have made another one!

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