New Term at the Chair School

Let me refer you good people to this post here all about my last chair lesson and the daunting homework I was hesitating over. Do you think I did it? I admit to pondering over it quite a bit over Easter.

On Monday, the day before the new term I plucked up courage and put my scissors to the cloth – very gingerly it’s true! The cuts were made a millimetre at a time and the top part of the arm was sort of done.

This was my tutor’s side
and this is the side I did.

I did find a note in my book that said, ‘Do pleats, if it doesn’t work do the string trick.’ Well I have no idea what that was supposed to mean and I wrote it!! Needless to say I decided not to do the pleats 😉

Yesterday was the start of a brand new term, there are only SIX sessions in this term so I’m under pressure to finish.

My fantastic tutor gave me a list of things to do and I happily worked my way through all of them. A lot of it was fiddling and tweaking with the pleats and padding the lower back of the chair so it ‘meets’ the seat nicely (who knew such things mattered!?); so not much to see but the chair does look a lot better for the attention.


I did start working on the lower arms, what do you think?


One session down, Five more to go…

Until next time,

Chris x

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