Fuchsias Galore

I have enjoyed reconnecting with the process of Blackwork, I embroidered away through the evening (probably explains all the mistakes I made!) I thought the little flowers looked like fuchsias so I did them in the colour of my favourites…


with a bit of artistic licence of course…


Then I thought I’d make another with the more traditional colours…



Hmm, both are yummy but really I wanted them both the same so I hunted round for more fabric so I could embroider another.

BUT  no luck

At this point I was berating myself for yet again not doing any forward planning with my projects.

I grumpily unpicked the flowers of one and redid them and I now have…


Which I’m very happy with (might need to buy some more Aida though so I can do the pale flower version too 😉 ) Just need a bit more time to finish this little project now.

My hubby took our eldest son back to University in Wales at the weekend and look what he brought me back…



Until next time,

Chris x


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