Green blackwork

I’ve always had the thought that I can’t do free hand embroidery – no idea where that thought came from but it was stuck in my mind. I still did embroidery but in the form of  cross stitch.

For many years I enjoyed creating bits and pieces with cross stitch designs on them. I loved it because you could follow a pattern and once you’d learnt the basics everything turned out pretty much as it should. The special fabric meant that you had a guide to help you.

However, eventually I wanted to move on to something else and that something else was Blackwork. I figured that it was only wiggly backstitch and you still used the same fabric so you still had a guide to help you.

Well it’s quite a while since I last did any Blackwork but I was browsing the internet (as you do – wasting valuable time!) and saw some little designs which persuaded me to have a go again. Luckily I had some scraps of Aida fabric (16 count if you’re interested).

I tacked guide lines to show me where the centre of the fabric was.

I’ve always thought it funny that Blackwork is sewn in any colour so I started with green 😉

A lot of ‘reverse stitching’ went on with this sample!

I am thoroughly enjoying my little embroidery, but not happy about how the floss ended up!


I’ve now wrapped this around a card, what do you do when your floss ends up in a heap like this – I’d love to know?

Until next time,

Chris x


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