Answers on a postcard – what colour do you think cornflower white is?

The decorating activity is still going on as I’ve hit a figurative brick wall regarding colours. I am being cautious and buying little tester pots of paint and trying the colours out on patches of wall BUT silly paint colour names do not help!

Here I am assuming cornflowers are blue but no… it turns out that in the paint world they are green, so another trip to the DIY shop for another tester pot! My bedroom is fast looking like a patchwork quilt 🙂

Actually it is quite a giggle to look at what the manufacturers call their paint colours – turtle seas, sarong, bumble, coastal glow, night jewels – it must be tough coming up with new ideas all the time to appeal to their target audience.

I happened to go into a Laura Ashley shop yesterday to discover that they had a sale of ‘home’ goods, including wallpaper and paint, so at the moment I have some paper samples stuck up in the bedroom and we’re thinking about having one wall papered and the rest painted – I’m liking this idea a lot, we just need to agree on my choice of paper 😉

Sadly my sewing room is a bit neglected at the moment as the call of Spring has gripped me! If I’m not washing everything or decorating I’m trying to get the greenhouse organised.

I’m not big on gardening but I do like everything to look good and I love hearing and seeing what others have achieved in their gardens.

Yesterday I planted some Cosmos in trays and they are happily sitting on the staging in the greenhouse.



I’ve also been getting things ready for growing tomatoes. I usually grow them in grow bags but haven’t had much success with them during the last couple of years so my wonderful Dad suggested getting some big pots and using them instead (it makes sense as the plants will have more soil) so I’ve bought the pots and am setting things up ready.

These three terracotta pots are all ready to go!
These three plastic pots need holes drilling in them before filling up with compost.

Oh and just in case you were wondering  – turtle seas is turquoise, sarong is dark blue, bumble is a soft peach, coastal glow is pale yellow  and night jewels is pale grey.

Until next time,

Chris x


3 thoughts on “Answers on a postcard – what colour do you think cornflower white is?

  1. You don’t stand a chance going by paint names! Don’t go by the colour spot on the top of the sample either, I’ve been caught that way. Lovely to see you’re outside getting the garden ready.

  2. I popped over here from the blog about the giraffe crochet pattern. Yours turned out so cute! I’ll have to blog about mine too to show the colors I chose. I love your blog! You are very creative. Enjoy your crafts! Euna

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