It’s Feeling like Spring

The sun has been shining and all the plants are having to play ‘catch up’ with the season. I went for a walk in my local woods yesterday and saw delicate wood anemones,

2013-04-08 14

one lonely bright yellow celandine

2013-04-08 14

and lots of primroses enjoying the weather! There were green buds on the trees and even a few leaves – glorious!


My hubby and I are spending some time decorating our bedroom – nothing radically different just a coat of paint to freshen everything up – who am I kidding –  this is all about having a room to put ‘the chair’ in when it’s finished!

I was flicking through a magazine a couple of weeks ago and saw a picture of a lovely room set and I’ve been pondering on how to adapt the look so it works with the furniture and bits and pieces I have already got (and the new quilt I’m making 😉 )


Although my existing furniture isn’t in the style of that in the magazine I think if I paint it in an ivory colour and change the handles it will look just fine 🙂 .

So far I’ve been on ‘gloss paint’ duty and have given the woodwork its first coat, whilst hubby has risked a sore neck by painting the ceiling with two coats of emulsion. Not sure how he managed to paint the whole ceiling twice in the time it took me to go round the skirting boards and doors once (and he stopped to help me a bit too!) AND still be paint free compared to me!

I did have a break from decorating to meet up with a couple of friends today and exchange news, we chatted for so long that a morning coffee turned into lunch! (It was great seeing you both A and R 🙂 )

So I suppose I’d better get back to glossing – second coat here I come…

Until next time,

Chris x


3 thoughts on “It’s Feeling like Spring

  1. Doesn’t the sunshine and signs of spring make such a change. Your lighter in step and ready to embrace the new season.
    Loving the look that you are aiming for – cant wait to see your chair in your freshly decorated room.

    1. Spring has finally arrived (I’m saying that with fingers crossed!)I’m agonising over paint charts at the moment – I don’t want to be too different or I’ll have to buy new curtains, but I do want it to look good with the chair 🙂

      > Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 22:34:22 +0000 > To: >

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