I’ve been Nominated

No it’s not an April Fool joke (or I hope it isn’t 😉 ) The lovely Mandy Munroe has nominated me for a Liebster award, and Carlymau has nominated me for the Versitile Blogger award ( a while ago it’s true but better late than never!) Thank you fellow bloggers, I am honoured that you took the time and trouble to do this.



In Blog Award time honoured tradition here are some questions which were set for me to answer,

Favourite city? Even though I live in a city I’m not really a city girl, but a quaint UK city is Cambridge and you can’t beat London for a theatre trip.

Blue or Green? Definitely blue, every time!

A quilt or a knitted/crocheted blanket? Well that would have to be a quilt although I do love crochet and would like to make a ripple blanket one day

Favourite flower?  Bluebells, I always try to visit a bluebell wood every year.

Saturday night or Sunday morning? Probably a lazy Sunday morning.

Chocolate – milk or dark? Milk chocolate, dark chocolate makes me feel poorly 😦

Left or Right handed? Right handed

Countryside or Beach? oh this is a difficult one because I love them both – I’ll go for beach (this time!)

Rain or Sunshine? Sunshine

Best Holiday? Well my recent trip to Iceland was pretty good.

Favourite  singer/band? I’m really enjoying Kristyn and Keith Getty at the moment, love the Irish flavour of their work.

Forgive me for not passing on the favour of being nominated to other bloggers  – I’ll have a ponder first then maybe do my nominations another time 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x



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