Getting Carried Away

It all started with this post here by Sugarlane Quilts,  about Babushka doll key fobs. I LOVED the little dolls but didn’t need a key fob but could do with a bookmark for my Bible – I use a post-it note usually – not very pretty.


The doll pattern was a bit too big for a bookmark so I reduced it down to 75%. I tweaked the pattern so it would be flatter and used a long ribbon to turn it into a bookmark.


I really enjoyed making her and one’s never enough is it?


…still hadn’t quite got them out of my system so I made another…


…and they don’t take up very much fabric so…


…and then things started to get a bit silly…


This one was chosen to be a special present for someone…


So HAD to be replaced…


I think they’re out of my system now – well maybe 😉

Until next time,

Chris x


8 thoughts on “Getting Carried Away

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