Tweaking pleats

Today felt as if Spring had arrived, the sunshine was a sight for sore eyes after all the rain we’ve had. That strange feeling came upon me, you know the one, it compels you to clean everything in sight even though every thing’s (well most things) clean anyway 😉 .

I decided to get my living room curtains down to wash, which led to me giving the windows and their surrounds a good scrub inside and out, which led to me cutting back the shrub which grows in front of the window (it’s grown so bushy I struggled to reach the window!) and that was the morning gone!

Still time well spent because the curtains are freshly laundered and back up in place and look and smell nice and fresh. Simple pleasures 🙂 .

This afternoon was my upholstery class and today was all about tweaking and fiddling! My aim was to sort out all the little pleats which form around the buttons on the chair back.


I used a long needle like tool to move the pleats to where they should go (anyone know where that is?) – my tutor, a very experienced upholsterer, seemed to think this was straightforward to do, but the pesky pleats didn’t co operate with me as easily as they did with her 😉 . Anyway I eventually got it done. What do you think?


It’s looking pretty good isn’t it?

My homework is to stitch all the fabric down on the back of the back of the chair!

SAM_2339As you can see it’s all pinned in place a the moment.

What have you been up to today?

Until next time,

Chris x

5 thoughts on “Tweaking pleats

  1. buntyw

    Your chair looks fabulous!! I do an upholstery class too, in fact my previous project used almost identical fabric in a raspberry colour but It took me 12 months to find the right colour braid!

  2. buntyw

    The braid is to trim the edges of the chair!
    BTW my tutor is retiring soon and I’m looking for new classes, are yours within reach of Gloucester??

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