It’s on its Way!

Ohhhhh, I’m getting that funny feeling in my tummy which is a mixture between excitement and dread! On Thursday I will be participating in my very first Blog Hop. You can see the icon on my sidebar. I shall be revealing a piece of embroidery I’ve done especially for this day.

I’ve often looked in on other peoples Hops and have been inspired by the work they produce – so the dread part of how I’m feeling is all about how my work will compare with the other works of art being produced. The excitement is all about trying out something new, I’ve loved doing the project and am looking forward to sharing it with you all.

Here’s a peek…


The weather at the weekend has been terrible here so I’ve had lots of opportunity to play in my sewing room (hmm should that be my dining room I sew in or my sewing room which we eat in? 😉 ).

I’ve worked a little more on my new project, I love the process of making a new quilt; from the choosing of the pattern and gorgeous fabrics, cutting the little pieces out, then stitching them together again to create something which is really personal 🙂


Don’t they look lovely!

and I even remembered to prepare a little special something for my chair – I decided to write a letter to place inside the chair, just in case someone comes along after me and decides to reupholster it. The letter just explains what I know about the history of the chair and I’ve also included little samples of each of the four fabrics I unearthed when I stripped the chair down and the Thruppenny Bit coin I found trapped down the side (I wonder if someone searched long and hard for their lost money?)


All put inside a pretty little bag…


What do you think?

Until next time,

Chris x

5 thoughts on “It’s on its Way!

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