All Buttoned Up

This week’s Chair Day was much better than last weeks! I actually saw some progress which is always good 🙂

I did my homework of marking out the fabric for the back of the chair – marking where the buttons go to make it easier for today. Apparently when doing buttons preparation is the key.

First of all I covered the horse hair with fleece, making holes where the buttons were going to go…


Then I covered it all up with polyester wadding…


and poked holes in that too…


Fabric and button time!




So far so good 🙂



I now have to spend some time making sure the pleats in the fabric look right, they should make  nice diamond shapes between the buttons, apparently at the moment mine are ‘bottom heavy’! So I shall be trying to lighten up their bottoms this week 😉

Until next time,

Chris x



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