Just monkeying around

I can thoroughly understand why I put that little unfinished project away all those months ago, I’m clearly not gifted in giving monkeys nice faces! I must have stitched on three faces before deciding they just weren’t right. Anyway I have settled on this one and unless someone else volunteers to give him another face this one is staying put 😉

A new friend for Giraffe
A new friend for Giraffe
getting up to mischief!

Job done!


I’m making slow steady progress on my shawl, love the colour and softness of this. I keep wondering about putting tassels on it, or pom poms which seems to be the newest ‘thing’, what do you think?



But I’m most excited about the banners I’m making, time is running out (they’re for Easter). I spent a couple of hours scrabbling around the floor (poor knees) and have now lined one banner AND put the wording on – just the hem to do and that one is done 🙂



Now for the other banner…

Until next time,

Chris x


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