Fluff, Fluff, Fluff

I do so look forward to ‘Chair Day’ and yesterday was no exception 🙂 . However if I said that this was the chair before the class…


and this is the chair after the class…


you’ll understand why I was a bit frustrated! I spent A LOT of time fluffing up the horse hair, getting it bouncy and light and equally distributed over the chair back, adding more hair at the base of the chair back to create a ‘swell’ to support the lower back – I don’t spend that much time on my own hair so preening and fluffing the hair of a chair was irksome (but necessary) to say the least.

Anyway, hopefully that’s all done now and next week I shall be getting on with covering the back in fabric. I have been warned that this part will take a long time because I shall be putting buttons in which are tricky, I suspect I have a few frustrating weeks ahead of me chair-wise!

While I was tidying my scrap drawer I came across an intriguing plastic bag which I’d completely forgotten about.


I must have started this mini project at least 18 months ago and got fed up with it, I remember considering throwing it away but then bagged it up and buried it in the drawer.


You can just make out what it is. This will be today’s project – to finish this poor little neglected fella!

Have a great day,

Until next time,

Chris x


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