Attempt Two

Back in January I started crocheting a shawl for myself, but didn’t get very far because I wasn’t very happy with the texture of it. I was after a more lace like feel to it so I undid what I’d done and sat on it (figuratively speaking of course 😉 ).

I have now bought some finer wool (4 ply) and a bigger hook and am having another go.

Lovely soft 100% wool
Lovely soft 100% wool


To say that this was really the second time I’d crocheted this shawl I couldn’t make head nor tail of the pattern to start with (don’t remember it being tricky the first time I did it!). Anyway once I had figured it out I was away 🙂 I’m much happier this time, and although the texture still isn’t as fine as lace it is much lacier that before.


and so it grows. I’m trying to do a little bit each day as I’m not great with projects which are very repetitive plus as the shawl grows each row gets longer and longer!

Just look what the postman brought me…

collage book

I’m feeling a quilty urge coming on 😉

Until next time,

Chris x


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