Happy St David’s Day…


not that I’m Welsh but my hubby is so it is marked out as a day to celebrate in our calendar :). I’ll be making Bara brith and Welsh cakes  Welsh rarebit (!) later on for a feast at tea-time.

My second banner is making slow progress,



I started off by tacking the posts of the cross onto the background fabric then I ‘Bondawebbed’ and ironed on strips of the gold fabric just under the edges of the cross. I then sewed the cross on however even though everything was securely tacked or ironed in place there was some slippage where the fabric gathered up, it still looks fine – not sure how to get round that although I think maybe I need to use a heavier weight base fabric hmmm…maybe next time 🙂

I really need the curtain lining now so I can finish both banners. Although I live in a city we don’t have many fabric shops around us. I visited them all yesterday to find some lining but it was either too expensive or out of stock so I shall just have to be patient. I have ordered some – fingers crossed it arrives soon.

My mystery project is growing…

any ideas what it is yet? (except the Ladies Wot Sew group who had a sneak review last night!)
any ideas what it is yet? (except the Ladies Wot Sew group who had a sneak preview last night!)

Until next time,

Chris x


Yippee! I just popped to one of my regular shops and saw a new to me curtain shop AND they sell lining too – problem solved. All I need now is a couple of quiet hours to sew (I don’t think I’ll get those until Monday – something to look forward to :))

Chris x


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