Hairy Chair

I managed to finish my homework by the skin of my teeth – took me back to when I was in school!!

Yesterday’s chair lesson was all about preparing the back of the chair. First I had to decide where the buttons are going to go – I had some large tacks to push through the hessian and move around until I came up with a pattern I thought looked good, the tutor then came and moved it all to something which looked altogether much better – one of those things you need experience for I guess (I must admit to never having considered what makes a chair button look good before :))

I marked the button position on the front and back of the'll see why in a minute!
I marked the button position on the front and back of the chair…you’ll see why in a minute!

Next step was to sew strings down the back of the chair…

I used mattress twine.
I used mattress twine.

Then the ‘hairy’ bit – stuffing fluffed up horse hair under the strings to cover the back.


All the button markings got covered up on the front so I need to put in paper markers where the button positions are – you can just see one in place. So homework for next week is to do the stringing and stuffing for the seat of the chair. The tutor did say that she thought I’d be using my fabric next week to start covering the seat  – exciting 🙂

But for now it’s back to the banner.

Until next time,

Chris x


3 thoughts on “Hairy Chair

  1. jennie

    Hi it is facinating to see the progress, you just do not think what goes in to making a chair when you go and purchase one. Can’t wait to see the fabric and finished project

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