At the request of my lovely Mum I’m starting to make yet another pair of the fingerless mittens, this will take me up to 5 and a half pairs so far! The pair I’m starting on will be using the same wool as before, it’s a bit of a deja vu experience! I’m planning on doing a bit of telly watching this evening so I shall crochet away at the same time.


If you’re wondering about the half it’s because a lovely friend lost one mitten so I made another one for her (you know who you are 😉 )


Whenever I visit somewhere new I like to look out for new crafty ideas, during our trip to Iceland (have I mentioned that before!) I saw a few nice things…

crochet decorations
crochet decorations

I know there’s nothing particularly new about crochet hearts and stars but they did look very pretty. I’ve already been out and bought some cotton so I can have a go at making some – I just need to find some patterns now 🙂 There were also some beautiful felted doll ornaments – my husband treated me to one…

A little patchworker busy crafting away :)
A little patchworker busy crafting away 🙂


Until next time,

Chris x



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