Teasing Horse Hair

Well I got all my upholstery homework completed which was stitching the backing hessian down neatly (I know no one will actually see the stitches when the chair is complete BUT I’ll know 😉 )


So yesterday the next challenge in the chair renovation was to sew a sort of ‘channel’ on to the front of the back of the chair (!) It looks a bit like a ruffle to me…


Then the fun bit began, I was given a big bag of horse hair which I had to tease (pull the matted hair apart so it was fluffy) then wedge these fluffy bits under ‘strings’ I’d stitched inside the channel. The teased horse hair can then be pushed and pulled about to mould it into the shape you want (a bit like toy wadding I suppose). The horse hair was, as you’d imagine, very dusty so lots of sneezing and coughing accompanied the whole process!

If you look you can just see the strings holding the horse hair in place.

This week’s homework is to finish the stuffing and to sew down the channel at the back of the chair.


That should keep me busy 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x


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