Bunny blocks

Just in case you were starting to think that I’d abandoned my New Year ‘to do’ list I thought I’d keep you up to date.

The crocheted shawl has been undone and I’m waiting for some inspiration – I think I really need to use a finer type of yarn to create a more lacy shawl.

I’ve been working on my Raspberry Rabbits blocks. This was a free BOM for 2012 by Michelle over at The Raspberry Rabbits, I’ve really enjoyed making up her designs so much so that I thought, for a bit of fun, I’d try to come up with a few of my own ideas to personalise my quilt. I’ve designed 4 of my own blocks, these are the two which are finished:

This is my November block which shows Guy Fawkes night.
This is a British postbox which I’m using for my October block.

…and these are the other two blocks which I’m still working on


which I’ll show you just as soon as I’ve done them 🙂

Until next time

Chris x


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