Less haste, more speed!

I decided to make a speedy start to my ‘to do’ list and make a start on the cosy shawl. I’d already found a lovely looking shawl pattern to have a go at. Bearing in mind that I haven’t crocheted much for a long time I went for a simple design.

I was very pleased that I could still follow a pattern and that my stitching wasn’t too rusty.


So this is one night’s work and I went on to at least double this before deciding that the tension is too tight and the shawl isn’t lacy enough, so I undid it and did it again using a larger hook size but I’m still not sure it’s lacy enough, what do you think? I know, I should have taken my time to do test swatches – less haste!


So this project is on hold until I make my mind up which is just as well as I’ve lost the hook!

Until next time

Chris x


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