Travelling Bunny

Welcome :)

A few weeks ago I won a cross stitch pattern of a Bunny from Wendy who blogs at The Crafter’s Apprentice.

It’s only a little bunny so I made it up pretty quickly



So pretty I had to make two!


Isn’t he sweet?

This bunny, or the cross stitch pattern for the bunny, isn’t just an ordinary bunny. Oh no, it’s a Travelling Bunny.

Some kind person started the Travelling Bunny on its journey by sending the pattern together with a few goodies to another Blogger who made the Bunny and then passed the pattern on to another Blogger with some more goodies, that Blogger made the bunny and …- you get the idea!

The pattern has been travelling around crafty bloggers since 2011.

And now that I’ve stitched him this cute Bunny needs a new home to go to.

The bunny pattern comes with lots of little stitching goodies.  You help yourself to a few, and add a few before sending him on his way.

If you’d like to be a part of this bunny’s journey, please let me know in the comments at the end of this post.  There’s no time pressure, you just need to stitch him, and then find someone else who would like to do the same. If there’s more than one person wanting him I’ll draw a name out of a hat.

The deadline is next Friday 26th September.

Until next time,

Chris x

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Getting Ready

Hello and welcome lovely people :)

This week has been a busy one getting ready to send my youngest on his way to University.

Lots of lists have been written and lots of shopping has been bought and just when I thought there wasn’t any time to sew I realised that Son 2 needed a bag to keep all his medical supplies in. You know all the boring ‘just in case’ stuff you pack your children off with.

I used a new to me method of making the bag. The lining and outer bag are sewn onto the zip at the same time so you end up with a neat finish inside the bag.

I used this tutorial Cindy of Skip to my Lou and this is the result…


The method was straightforward enough and definitely one I’ll use again.


The lining looks neat around the zipper and right inside the pouch there’s a little surprise…


Just to bring a smile to anyone who finds it!


And here it is filled with ‘just in case’ medication.

The bag is made from an old pair of trousers which I was challenged to repurpose (see posts here and here) and the orange trim just jazzes it up a bit.

Right then, back to the packing again!

Until next time,

Chris x

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Hello and welcome.

This week has been very slow on the creating front, there are many other things going on in the household which are taking me away from my Sewing Room – and that’s fine. Sometimes a break from crafting means that you come back to it with fresh ideas and that’s always nice :)

I did make time to go to my monthly Quilting group and we had a tutorial on making beaded snowflakes/stars, I know it’s not quilting but it was still fun. Here’s what we made…


They have little loops on one of the arms so hanging ribbons can be attached, just right for the Christmas tree!


We were all given a little box of beads and each one made was different.


Pretty aren’t they? The beads are held on with little plastic ‘earring backs’ – I guess they have a proper name but that’s what they look like :)

If you’d like to try to make one you can buy the metal wire snowflake forms from Amazon and you just thread on some pretty beads and either use earring backs on the ends of the arms or make a loop in the metal using round nosed pliers.

Last night at my Ladies Wot Sew group I made a few crochet flowers…


These are only tiny, made with embroidery floss using a 1.75 hook – cute!

So a slow week on the crafting front and I predict another slow week next week too as I concentrate on other things.

Have a great week end.

Until next time,

Chris x

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Bloggy Hip Hop

Hello and welcome.

Today’s post comes courtesy of Wendy of The Crafter’s Apprentice , she kindly asked me to join in with this Round the World Blog Hop which is zooming around Blogland at the moment. It seems to be a great way to discover a few new blogs and get to know a bit more about the people who write them too.

The idea is that you get invited by someone to answer a few questions, then it’s my turn to nominate 3 other bloggers to join the Hop. The following week those three write a post and tag their own 3 bloggers.
However I do have a bit of a confession to make straight away! I’ve been having terrible problems with my internet during the last week and have only just been able to contact the ladies I wanted to nominate. No one has had time to reply as yet but I’ve put links to their blogs at the end of this post and hope that you’ll go visit them anyway :)
Here we go with the questions:

What am I working on at the moment?

Well, let’s see…I suppose my main project is a series of banners for my Church. I tend to make one, maybe two, banners a year but this year I’ve been asked to organise a team of people to design and create 16 panels to decorate a Church/school hall. It’s a massive undertaking and a lot of my time is taken up with it.

There’s a deadline to meet too so my focus is on finishing my bit so I can pass them onto the next person to work on.



But of course we all have several things on the go, don’t we?

So I also have my English paper pieced quilt which I tend to keep busy with on long car journeys and while I’m sitting in front of the TV. It’s getting close to being finished now – just borders to add :) (and yes I have now unpicked those pesky edge hexagons and replaced them with ones with a decent seam allowance on them!)


and there’s also my Daisy Chain quilt which needs a bit more hand quilting to finish it off (I admit this quilt, as my regular readers know only too well, has been repeatedly shelved and then pulled out again after a couple more months have passed by! – one day it will be finished!)


and I’ve just started working on little bits and bobs to sell on a craft stall nearer Christmas – no photos to share yet ;)

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’m not sure it does, I guess that’s for others to judge but the projects I do purely for myself usually include my favourite details such as hand quilting, I love the kantha style of quilting so I’ll often sneak that in somewhere, and I do enjoy appliqué so maybe a motif or two gets stitched in place.

I definitely veer towards the colour blue for my projects and prefer muted colours to brights (of course the Church banners are an exception but then they’re not really for me are they ;) ) so perhaps that gives my work a particular ‘look’ or style.

And just like Wendy, who nominated me, I do like to do several crafts so I sometimes do a bit of crochet or knitting or even upholstery.

Why do I create what I do?

The easy answer is I make things I’ll like having around me, or things I think friends will enjoy. I also enjoy having a choice of crafts to play with, so although my main love is sewing I really like to be able to sometimes put down the needle and thread and pick up my crochet hook or other crafty implement!

How does my creative process work?

Oh this is a tricky one!

Sometimes I see an image of something which I get inspired by, this was the case with my Basket of Roses, I saw a picture of a woven basket and just had to have a go and the roses were a happy after thought.


Sometimes I see a pattern in a book which I fall in love with – this happened with my EPP quilt – I loved the original so much that I even used the same colours – luckily I had them all in my stash!

And then other times I just have a picture in my head which needs to be turned into reality – this was the case with my Gaggle of Geese wall hanging.


That’s it folks! I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out about what makes me tick :)

Here are three Blogs which I enjoy visiting, I hope you enjoy them too,

Frances at Fabadashery

Chrissie at Chrisssie Crafts and

Lucie at Lucie the Happy Quilter

Until next time,

Chris x

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September’s arrived

Do you know that funny feeling you get when you’ve been away and then have to get back into the swing of things again? Well I’m feeling a bit like that as I type away today, as if I don’t really know what I’m doing! So please accept my apologies if this doesn’t make much sense, it’s just me getting used to it all again :)

August came and went surprisingly quickly, we had sad times at a family funeral, and happy times going on day trips with family we don’t get to see very often. I did a lot of gardening – our garden has got to the stage where it needs a hack back to get it in order, it’s still not there yet but Autumn is the season for serious pruning so I’m ready to go!

And of course I did some sewing (did you expect anything else from me?)

Most of the sewing I did was for my Church – the Church banner project (read about it here) which has taken HOURS and HOURS, days and days and is still no where near done. My Sewing/Dining room is festooned with half completed fabric panels.


But it is slowly coming together now and a few of the panels have been given to others to work on and for that I am grateful.



During any car trips I’ve been working on my EPP project, as it’s grown in size it’s been getting more and more difficult to handle and the bits of thread it has shed over everything has been a bit of a talking point. I’ve been trying to get everyone to believe that when they find a loose thread it’s lucky – a bit like the rhyme

‘See a penny, pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck!’

But I’m not sure they’re buying into that theory ;)


I had fun removing most of the papers,



and now it looks like this…




As you can see I’m at the putting borders on stage BUT I seem to have made a mistake along one side and not left enough seam allowance on. I’m having a ponder on how to avoid losing those star points without having to undo anything- any ideas please?

Do you like the new look blog? I spent a few happy hours playing and came up with this. From what I can see the only thing I don’t like is that it’s not clear as to how to comment and like posts. and as I love getting comments I’m going to have to get round that somehow.

Until next time,

Chris x

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Stars in my Eyes

Welcome :)

The weather has been stunning in my part of the UK  and I’ve spent a bit of time trying to tame my rather overgrown garden.

I’ve been spending an half hour here and an half hour there doing a bit of clearing and tidying and weeding and it’s making such a difference. Hubby has already taken a lot of waste to the household tip and I think there may be more to go soon!

Someone wisely said that the best thing to do was to start tidying up the patch of garden you can see from your window so you can enjoy the fruits of your labour. And that’s exactly what I did and it spurred me on to do the bits I couldn’t see too!

In the evenings I’ve rediscovered my Honeycomb Stars EPP project and thought you may like to see my progress.



As you can see the rows are being stitched together now, it’s all very slow going (a bit like the garden) but it’ll get there, and anyway there really isn’t any rush. Although I think folk in my sewing groups are getting fed up of seeing me doing it!

I’m going to take a little Bloggy break during August so I’ll see you all in September – hope you have a lovely month full of good things.

Until next time,

Chris x

The Rose Basket

Welcome :)

I’m pleased to say that The Rose Basket is now finished.

It’s only taken me HOURS to arrange and rearrange those pesky flowers only to eventually go with the first arrangement I did!






I’m so happy with how it’s turned out.

Until next time,

Chris x

Ladies Wot Sew

Welcome :)

Last night my little sewing group met up to stitch and put the world to rights and it occurred to me that you might like to see the progress of the little quilt one of my friends is making. I blogged about her project here and last night this is what it looked like…


I know, amazing isn’t it, her very first project – just the quilting to do. Way to go G!

My very first quilty project was supposed to be a sampler quilt but I gave up on it after making about 6 blocks. The reason? I’d made the mistake of choosing fabrics which I quite liked instead of fabrics which made me smile from the inside out!

What was your first project?

Until next time,

Chris x

Coming Up Roses

Good morning :)

As you can see I managed to squeeze in a few hours to sew and have finished my Rose Basket hanging – all except the roses that is! Does that just make it ‘The Basket’ wall hanging?!

This is what it looks like now.



I’ve used the facing binding I wrote about here to finish the edges, I’m liking this method a lot for wall hangings.


Do you like the little roses on the back? I made them last year and kept them for a rainy day. Well that rainy day is here and they are going to become my quilt label! I shall write on them with a permanent marker – cute huh?

I also stitched on hanging sleeves, I like to have two hanging sleeves on my bigger wall hangings so I have the option to hang it from a hook directly off the wooden dowel in the centre or from a wire attached to each end of the dowel rod.

My Hanging Sleeve Method for a Faced Quilt

I  made tubes of fabric to match the facing, turned them right sides out and positioned them equidistant from the centre and ends of the hanging – you do need to make sure that there is enough of the end of the dowel exposed to tie a wire to ( I often use fishing wire as it is very strong – but you wouldn’t want it to show as it’s not very pretty!)


I stitched down the top edges of the sleeve about an inch below the hanging edge making sure I stitched into the back of the quilt as well as the facing, then put the dowel rod under the sleeve flaps and pinned the lower edge in place while the dowel rod was in position.



Then I removed the rod and stitched the lower edge down.The hanging sleeve should look a bit baggy but doing it this way means that the wall hanging hangs straight and smooth.


After extensive trawling of the internet for ideas I’ve even started making my 3D flowers – pink roses…


all ready to arrange in the basket – this bit may take HOURS ;) and then I’ll get stitching – nearly there!

I’ve linked this post up to Esther Aliu’s WIPs on Wednesday post

Until next time,

Chris x